Pore Minimizers

“While long-term pore refinement may now be accepted as a part of our anti-aging regimen, that doesn’t discredit old-school, quick-fix solutions: Simple, gentle exfoliation can make a big difference. If you picture a pore being shaped like an ice cream cone, you can see that if you shaved some layers off the top, the diameter would get smaller…You’re never going to change the root shape at the very bottom, but you can affect the way it looks at the top…try products containing vitamin C, as well as retinol creams. Retinol exfoliates, but it also helps the skin function at its optimum level. This means it sheds normally, reducing the trapped skin and oils that can lead to acne.” (p.87)

Long, A. (2014). Go Ahead, Lean In. Elle, 29(5), 78-89.

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