“Many factors contribute to the development of constipation. One important factor is that most Americans eat a diet high in refined, easy-to-prepare foods and low in fiber-containing foods that encourage bowel activity. The muscles of the bowel that move wastes along are believed to be less active as we age, and when we are less physically active, our bowel is even less active. Increase the amount of fiber and water in the diet, and get more exercise (perhaps a daily walk). Most people should drink at least eight glasses of water or juice every day. Increase the amount of vegetables, fruits (including prunes and apples), whole-grain cereals, and salads, beans, and nuts. Granola and other whole-grain cereals make a good snack. Wheat or oat bran can be stirred into juice.” (p. 148)

Mace, N. and Rabins, P. 1999. The 36-Hour Day. New York, N.Y.: Warner Books.


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