Bananas: A Powerhouse of Potassium

“If potassium is on your mind, then the banana should be on your menu. Of all sources of this sought-after mineral, this much-loved fruit is among the most popular. In fact, a banana a day is often part of the doctor’s orders…It now appears that potassium itself plays a role in controlling blood pressure…Two small bananas provide about as much fiber as a slice of whole wheat bread…And if vitamins, too, concern you, take heart that the banana is a modest source of vitamin C.” (p. 51)

Kitchen Tips: Store bananas at room temperature until ripe. Once ready to eat, refrigerate them to prevent further ripening. The skin will turn black but the flesh will remain fresh.

Hausman, P. and Hurley, J. 1989. The Healing Foods. Emmaus, P.A.: Rodale Press.

The Ultimate Diet

“The ultimate diet would be one that controls hunger, is pleasing and satisfying, meets the body’s needs for energy and nutrients, and minimizes the risk of chronic disease. That’s a tall order. Countless books have been written promising all or part of this dietary holy grail. Most offer variations on a few basic themes. While a calorie is a calorie, it is entirely possible that the way calories are delivered may make a difference in controlling consumption and thus controlling weight. Finding several foods or meals that rapidly lead to feeling pleasantly full (technically called satiety) while delaying the return of hunger pangs (technically called satiation) would be ideal.” (p.45)

Willet, W.C. (2001). Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy. New York, N.Y.: Simon and Schuster.

Broccoli is the number one anticancer vegetable

How does broccoli help prevent cancer?

  • It belongs to the cabbage family of anticancer vegetables.
  • It is rich in carotene, a nutrient that is believed to help prevent cancer.
  • A cup of fresh cooked broccoli tops the scales with 2-1/2 times the recommended dietary allowance for vitamin C.
  • Broccoli is one of the best vegetable sources of calcium -another nutrient that looks like it has cancer-preventing properties.
  • It contains almost no fat -the best news for those concerned about cancers of the breast, colon, prostate, and other organs. (p. 83)

Hausman, P. and Hurley, J. 1989. The Healing Foods. Emmaus, P.A.: Rodale Press.

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Advertising for Dollars

“Soft drink makers, cereal makers, and candy makers target kids because they want them to become brand loyal consumers who will stay with the brand for their entire lifetimes. The reason junk food advertisers saturate the airwaves is because they’re aware that children have pester power, a unique ability to nag their parents into buying something they want. If your children are not at their perfect weight, you should limit their exposure to junk food advertising. Whether or not you’re nodding your head in agreement, it’s my contention that children aren’t eating healthy because their parents aren’t eating healthy.” (p. 37)

Rubin, J. 2008. Perfect Weight America. Lake Mary, F.L.: Siloam.

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Best Bone Builder – Chia Seeds

“Flaxseeds and Chia seeds should be celebrated for their high concentration of heart-healthy omega-3s, but chia seeds happen to be a better source of calcium, with two tablespoons providing up to 16 percent of your RDA- four and a half times the amount in the same quantity of ground flax. And with nearly 150 percent more phosphorous and more than 100 percent more manganese (two minerals that play key roles in bone formation), chia seeds get the gold medal for helping to build and maintain strong bones.” (p. 70)

Girdwain, J. (2013). Superfood Fight. Oprah Magazine, 14(8), 70.

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Why does it seem easy to lose weight quickly in the first week of a diet, but is so hard after that?

“During the first few days of a diet, we tend to lose water weight, which causes the number on the scale to drop fairly quickly. Fat loss occurs more slowly over weeks to months, which takes time to show up on the scale. I recommend women focus on exercise and a healthy diet, and ignore the scale – the weight will come off, but gradually. If you insist on weighing yourself, don’t weigh more frequently than once every one or two weeks, and follow the trend of the numbers downward rather than focusing on a specific number.” (p. 216)

Callahan, L. 2002. The Fitness Factor. Guilford, CT: The Lyons Press.

Halloween Candy Diet Disasters

Put a Stop to Halloween Candy Diet Disasters!

Featured article by Sue Ridgeway (Diet-to-Go)
You knew it was coming. It starts with the pumpkins, some hay bales, and then before you know it…it’s everywhere. Candy. Giant bags of candy every where you turn. And it’s all at irresistible prices. I mean, who can pass up a 5-pound bag of candy corn for only $1.50? The allure is overpowering. There’s no hiding from it: Halloween candy has arrived, and that’s just plain scary when it comes to our diet. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This year you can employ some tactics to put a stop to Halloween Candy Diet Disasters.
It’s calling you isn’t it? That candy you bought for the Trick-or-Treaters. You think ok, maybe just one, just to make sure it hasn’t spoiled or anything. And before you know it, you’ve eaten the entire bag. One way you can fight the candy beast is to hold off buying it. For once procrastination is actually recommended. If you delay buying the candy, the timeframe in which it can tempt you, and the likelihood you’ll succumb to said temptation, is greatly diminished.
If you just can’t resist the prices and feel the need to stock up for Halloween prior to the big night, buy candy you don’t like. If you’re a die-hard chocolate fan purchase lollipops, or if it’s tangy treats you tend to reach for, surround yourself with spicy cinnamon candy. You might still be tempted but it’ll be a lot easier to avoid if you really don’t love the taste.
A little prevention goes a long way. If you know you’re going to be bombarded with candy (or other Halloween treats) at a party or the office (or your home) prepare yourself. Don’t let yourself get starved. Be sure to fill your belly with healthy, satisfying food (like your Diet-to-Go meals) and you’ll be less likely to indulge. A full stomach is a more empowered stomach.
A moving target is harder to hit. Ok, that doesn’t exactly apply here, but what we mean is get out and move. Jump on your bike and see all the different Halloween decorations people have put up: some people go all out for this holiday. Go trick-or-treating with your kids or offer to take a friend’s kids: get out and walk around the neighborhood. You’ll burn some extra calories and you’ll put some distance between you and that candy bowl that’s been calling your name.
To avoid the mindless eating that tends to accompany Halloween candy, keep a diet journal to write down all of the foods you consume (and amounts) daily. Having to write down every morsel (and view it in black and white) tends to take the edge off your appetite. If the candies are at work, keep them out of reach and out of view. And if you do indulge, leave the wrappers out after consuming (evidence of how many you’ve eaten) and you’ll tend to eat fewer overall. Having a visual reminder of how much you’ve eaten keeps you honest and encourages you to consume less. In addition, more variety, in type of candy, color and flavor, equals more eating. When we are presented with more, we eat more, so limit the variety.
Allow yourself a little indulgence. Little being the operative word here. It’s ok to allow yourself a treat. Just be sure you can cut yourself off after one or two. If not, you might want to opt for hard candies or lollipops because they’re lower in calories and they last longer. Another little tip: try freezing your favorite bite-sized chocolate candy, it makes them last longer as they melt in your mouth.
Just remember if you do fall off the wagon, or maybe even fall off, get run over and dragged down the street by the wagon it’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up. We all make bad choices. The important thing is to forgive yourself and start anew immediately!
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