Want to lose a quick 5 pounds?

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  • Stop eating earlier in the evening, like 7:30 pm
  • Work out a little bit longer
  • Carry healthy snacks like cantaloupe and almonds
  • Drink a lot of water
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Clear Complexion

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“First, grab a cleanser with salicylic acid to gently exfoliate dead skin cells trapped in pores. Follow with a lotion with bacteria-zapping benzoyl peroxide and a high SPF to ward off drying UV rays…At night, go for a one-two punch with a product that has benzoyl peroxide and retinol (a vitamin A derivative) to unclog pores and up cell turnover, which will help fade dark spots. Finally, try a moisturizer containing soy, another hardworking brightener.” (p.100)

Source: 30 Days to Amazing Skin, January 2014, InStyle Magazine, p. 99-104.

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Overweight Dog? Treat Lightly

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“People tend to blame canine weight gain on lack of exercise, but overfeeding is usually the biggest culprit. Treats are silent saboteurs of good health, and account for a tremendous amount of calories, salt, and fat. Veterinarian Ernie Ward recommends nutrient-rich alternatives like pieces of veggies (broccoli, green beans, baby carrots) or lean cooked meat, which taste better than processed treats. Single-ingredient store-bought treats like salmon flakes or freeze-dried fruits and meats are also good options. But treat within reason. If you notice weight gain, scale back.”

Misagal, T. (2013). A Hefty Matter. Martha Stewart Living, 237, 162.

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Diet drug recalled after foreign pills found in bottles

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Remedy for Sun-Damaged Hands

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Lemon Sugar Licorice Sun Spot Scrub

1/2 lemon

2 tablespoons of sugar

2 drops of licorice root extract

2 tablespoons of olive oil

Mix all of the ingredients. Gently scrub the back of your hands for approximately 10 minutes and rinse. Repeat twice a week.

Additional Tips: For dry, red skin use a daily hand cream that has a SPF 30. For loose or wrinkled skin, use a night cream on your hands that contains glycerin.

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Lung Cancer Research

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Exhaled breath biomarker may detect lung cancer. Researchers from the Cleveland Clinic have discovered that it may be possible to detect lung cancer by assaying the chemical composition of exhaled breath. The researchers used a chemical detection technique to compare the chemical composition of 82 confirmed lung cancer patients breath with 155 patients who are at risk for lung cancer but free of the disease. They found that their chemical detection technique of exhaled breath accurately identified those patients with lung cancer. This could be a huge breakthrough in the diagnosis of lung cancer. So if this lung cancer detecting machine can identify lung cancer before an x-ray can, then many lives could be saved.

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The Health Benefits of Crafting!

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“There’s survey evidence to support crafting’s dopamine effect. In one study of more then 3,500 knitters, 81% of respondents with depression reported feeling happy after knitting. More than half reported feeling very happy.”



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The pros and cons of electroshock therapy

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Kids Use CPR to save 12 week old baby

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Guidelines for Prescription Sleep Aids

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  • Follow prescription instructions.
  • Take right before bed.
  • Stay in bed.
  • Remember effects last 7-8 hours.
  • Don’t take it in the middle of the night. (The effects won’t have a chance to wear off before morning.)
  • Never use the medication when you’ve been drinking alcohol.
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