How noisy is your bedroom?

Sound is an important factor in creating an ideal sleep environment.

How to control noise levels:

  • Consider music: nature and ocean sounds can help with relaxation and sleep.
  • Try a relaxation CD.
  • Consider white noise machines. Some companies specialize in “sound conditioners” that drown out noise.
  • Earplugs, earphones, pillow speakers, and TV timer (for both light and noise).
  • Check your alarm clock: If you and your partner wake at different times, consider a vibrating alarm clock that fits in your pillowcase so it doesn’t disturb your partner.
  • If you have a TV in your room, do you or your partner sleep with it on? How loud is it? Consider removing TV from the bedroom.

Source: Good Night: The Sleep Doctor’s 4-week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health by Michael Breus, 2006, p. 96-97

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