Mastering Sleep

  • Get regular exercise. Studies show that non-exercisers have higher rates of insomnia than exercisers. Non-exercisers have cured insomnia through taking up a regular exercise program.
  • Getting half an hour minimum of sunlight a day will help you sleep.
  • Do several minutes of light stretching before going to bed.
  • A twenty-minute walk after dinner followed by a hot bath or shower before bed is an excellent relaxation method.
  • If there is light or noise coming into your bedroom, you may want to try an eye pillow and earmuffs.
  • Poor functioning or unhealthy habits in other areas – a bad diet, insufficient exercise, poor hydration and oxygenation, overwork, and more -can cause or contribute to insomnia.

Grauds, C. & Childers, D. 2005. The Energy Prescription. New York, N.Y.: Bantam Books. (p.191-192)

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