Pets: Energy & Emotion

“The most important thing to understand about energy is that it’s a language of emotion. Of course, you never have to tell an animal that you’re sad, or tired, or excited, or relaxed, because that animal already knows exactly how you are feeling. Think back on some beautiful stories you’ve read in publications like Reader’s Digest and People magazine -stories of pets who have comforted, even saved, their sick, depressed, or grieving owners. These stories often include comments like it was almost as if he knew what his owner was going through. These animals do know exactly what their owners are feeling. A French study concluded that dogs may actually also use their sense of smell to help distinguish between human emotional states. Dogs can sense even the most subtle changes in the energy and emotions of the humans around them.” (p. 66-67)

Millan, C. 7 Pelter, M. 2006. Cesar’s Way. New York, N.Y.: Harmony Books.


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