Loving with Ginger

  • An interesting and consistent theme running throughout the historical literature is ginger’s reputed value as an aphrodisiac. From the earliest recorded herbal formulations of India and China to its more modern applications in the Middle East and Cuba, ginger’s millennia-log reputation as an aphrodisiac is impressive.
  • One of the principle reasons cited for the decline of ginger’s widespread use in the late seventeenth century was the transition from “the lusty Elizabethans” giving way to the Puritans and later the Victorians…where the unabashed use of aphrodisiacs became frowned upon.
  • In the Middle East, historians of ancient cultures like Persia wrote that ginger was valued for its properties of clearing the brain. In China, ginger has long been regarded as an agent to stimulate appetite, improve circulation and balance hormonal flow.

Source- Ginger: Common Spice and Wonder Drug by Paul Schulick, p. 24-25, 1996

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