Get Organized

“At least once per month, clear your space of excess items. Move toward minimalism. Look around your home, office, room and other places you spend your time, and consider donating any items you can identify as surplus…If necessary, don’t hesitate to sell items that have value. Use this money to buy healthier food, a new pair of hiking shoes. Think about getting a massage or acupuncture. Use the money to improve your well-being or the well-being of others. Buy a hot meal, a coat, or a bed for someone in need…By clearing the clutter from your living and working spaces, you can help clear the clutter from your mind.

Source: Sow- Planting the Seeds for Health, Well-Being and a Superhero Life by Joe Rignola. You can follow his Facebook group @

Cheap Organizing Ideas – Getting Organized on a Small Budget

A lot of people think getting organized is really expensive. Yes, there are lots of organizing products that are costly, however, there are also a lot that are also affordable or fall within small or limited budgets. Website –

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