Forgive Yourself

“Finally, we offer forgiveness to ourselves. If we can truly give love to ourselves we will be able to then receive love from another. Can we acknowledge that we have faults, but that we are not just our faults? That we don’t always do things perfectly, but we do the best we can? Breathing in deeply, repeat, There are many ways that I have harmed myself through my thoughts, words and actions. There are countless ways that I have hurt and injured myself. I have betrayed, caused sadness and abandoned myself, consciously and unconsciously, due to my own anger, hurt and confusion. I acknowledge these now. I offer forgiveness to myself. May I be forgiven...Breathe in love and forgiveness into your heart and feel the healing power of giving this to yourself.” (p. 272)

Zhao, X. 2006. Ancient Healing for Modern Women. New York, N.Y.: Walker & Company.

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