Healthy Self-Image

“Unquestionably, a healthy self-image is one of the key factors in the success and happiness of any individual. The reason your self-concept is so important is: You will probably speak, act, and react as the person you think you are. Psychologists have proved that you will most consistently perform in a manner that is in harmony with the image you have of yourself. Oh, sure, even with a negative self-concept, you may occasionally break out of the pattern and land a big deal, win over a new friend, or belt a softball out of the park at the company picnic. Conversely, even those individuals with healthy self-images blow it from time to time. But usually, your mind will complete the picture you tell it to paint of yourself.” (p. 56)

Osteen, J. 2004. Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps To Living At Your Full Potential. New York, N.Y.: Warner Faith.

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