“Self-referral occurs when you direct your attention to follow internal cues. These internal cues are messages of comfort and discomfort that are emitted by our physiology in order to allow us to be perfectly healthy. You see, nature, in its infinite wisdom, really gives us only two messages: a sense of comfort and a sense of discomfort. When you’re feeling perfectly comfortable in every way -physically, emotionally, and spiritually- then you’re heading in the right direction. I call this the state of spontaneous right action, because the perfect response is present in your body/mind for every situation just as it occurs. The absolutely ideal reaction to every occurrence in your life is readily available to your body/mind when you are in the state of spontaneous right action.”

Source– Perfect Weight: The Complete Mind/Body Program for Achieving and Maintaining Your Ideal Weight by Deepak Chopra, M.D. (p. 9-10).

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