The Pursuit of Happiness

“Remember: Happiness doesn’t just happen- we have to make it happen…It comes from the simple pleasures in life that bring inner happiness -those that satisfy your soul, make you smile with contentment, or make you shout with joy…Research has shown that the simpler your activities, the happier you will be. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology reported that brief, moderate, regular happiness is longer lasting than intense joy. Those with small, repeated bouts of happiness are the most content with the highest state of well-being…The moral of this study was: if you can’t be very happy all the time, then be a little happy most of the time. So add a little happiness to your life right now by doing something that makes you smile, giggle, or sigh with blissful contentment. And you’ll be outsmarting your fatigue with fun!” (p. 197-198)

Waterhouse, D. 2001. Outsmarting Female Fatigue: The 8 Energizing Strategies for Lifelong Vitality. New York, N.Y.: Hyperion.

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