The Importance of Exercise

“Part of your weight-loss plan should be an exercise program. Being active will not only help you take off excess weight, but will also help you maintain the loss for the long term. Of course, calories are burned during exercise, but that is only part of the benefit. By regularly performing aerobic exercise, such as walking or biking, you raise your metabolic rate and burn more calories, even when at rest. This effect can last up to twelve hours after exercising. However, if you are over forty-five and do not exercise regularly, or if you have any medical conditions or risk factors for cardiac disease, check with your primary care provider before starting any exercise program. Exercising regularly while losing weight also helps ensure losing adipose tissue (fat stores) and maintaining muscle mass. Weight loss without an exercise component will involve muscle loss as well as fat. Since your exercise should be done regularly, it is important to choose an activity that you enjoy and that fits nicely into your routine. For many, brisk walking is the answer -it is easy to do, and inexpensive!”
(p. 160)

Benson, H. and Stuart, E. 1992. The Wellness Book. New York, N.Y.: Simon & Schuster.