Aloe Vera and Immune System Disorders

Recurring bacterial, viral or fungal infections often result in colds, urinary bladder infections, and many other ailments. Since aloe vera strengthens the immune system, it is an effective prophylactic agent against various infectious diseases. The herb is even said to significantly enhance the body’s ability to fight tumor cells. Aloe vera accelerates the regeneration of every kind of cell found in the body and helps repair the damage caused by environmental toxins and radiation. (p.89)

Immune deficiency, allergies: Drink alloin-free aloe vera juice over a period of three weeks. A mixture of equal parts of aloe (1 ounce) and wheat grass juice (1 ounce) is ideal. May also use equal parts (1 ounce) of aloe vera juice and fruit juice (1 ounce; pineapple or orange).

For general prevention of illness: Drink aloe vera juice in the spring and in the fall.

Hirschsteiner, T. 1998. Home Remedies from A to Z. Hauppauge, N.Y.: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc.

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