Varicose Veins: Beneficial Herbs

Bromelain: Tablets. Take as directed on the label. (Reduces risk of blood-clot formation.)

Cayenne: Capsules. Take as directed on the label. (Relieves pain and inflammation; expands blood vessels, reducing stress on the capillaries.)

Gotu kola: Liposome tablets or capsules. Take 60-120 mg daily. (Must be used continuously for 3-4 weeks before results are seen.)

Hawthorn: Solid capsules. Take 150-250 mg three times daily. (Strengthens fragile veins; increases tone of muscles supporting veins.)

Horse chestnut: Aescin tablets. Take up to 150 mg daily. (Relieves swelling and inflammation. Makes blood vessels more elastic.) (p. 479)

Balch, P. 2012. Prescription for Herbal Healing. New York, N.Y.: Penguin Group.

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