Communicating with Hard of Hearing Clients

Tips for Communicating with Hard of Hearing Clients

  • Get your subject’s attention first
  • Spotlight your face (no backlighting)
  • Avoid noisy backgrounds
  • Ask how you can facilitate communication
  • Don’t shout
  • Speak clearly, at a moderate pace
  • Use facial expressions, gestures
  • Give clues when changing subject
  • Talk to a hard of hearing person, not about him or her
  • Offer respect

In the hospital setting-

  • Make sure that there is a protocol for caring for the hard of hearing or deaf client
  • Make sure a hard of hearing person has his or her hearing device on when going to the OR
  • Keep extra hearing aid batteries on the unit
  • Ask if he or she needs an amplifier for the telephone
  • Don’t use the intercom

Wider-Kolberg, M. (1999). I’m Listening, But I Can’t Hear You. Nursing Spectrum.

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